Ashida Architect & Associates


雪国の小屋 Matsunoyama, 2015


建築:蘆田暢人建築設計事務所 担当:蘆田暢人
構造監修:村田龍馬設計所 担当:村田龍馬

 The project is at a Matsunoyama Onsen(hot spring) located Tokachi-city Niigata prefecture which is one of  Japan`s foremost area of heavy snowfall.This area is included in “a snowy district sightseeing area”which is promoted by public-private collaboration. Various actions are pushed forward for the purpose of the sightseeing utilized the local characteristic and fusion made with town planning.

A project of the scene maintenance of the Matsunoyama district has began since 2014 as a part of it, and this hut is included in the first business.
In this area, people has been lives in the snow which becomes 3-4m, and how to overcome the snow and how to be coexistent with the snow was a big issue.There are the rich hot spring resources which are counted as the Japanese three biggest mineral spring in the Matsunoyama district, and demonstration test of the hot spring binary generation using the hot spring is conducted by Ministry of the Environment since 2010. Accompany the business through 2014 to 2015, hot spring pipe was installed under the main road to spread hot water and snow melting system of road was introduced.
The building is a hut where store a machine of the snow-melting system, which can prevent the snow on the roof in winter by draining the diverged hot spring from the system. The double structures makes fastness properties against the surrounded snow, the inner structure hold the vertical load and the outer one keeps horizontal load.The outer structure is comprised of the structure body of a pillar, the beam and the footing board of the Echigo cadar. The method to display the footing board is followed by local “snowshed” form and it was intended to becomes the form of a land of snows.This building is simple and small, but at the same time, it has a powerful form as the snowy district through the  expression of the Echigo cedar with the curved grain that has been grown with the snow.

location: Tohkamachi, Niigata
building area: 28.56㎡
total floor space: 14.65㎡
stories: 1
building use: storage
structure: wood
design: Ashida Architect & Associates (Masato Ashida)
structure engineering: Ryoma Murata Building Studio (Ryoma Murata)
construction: Matsuzato Kensetsu, Takahashi-Gumi